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I have one question for you…

Do you enjoy creating videos??

Well, I DON’T… because honestly creating videos is one of the most time-consuming tasks in video marketing…

And if you are not a COPYWRITING expert… you might create a good looking video… but it will not convert as expected … and you might end up losing money…

That happened to me…. And while creating videos… I felt like gambling my money… not knowing if the video that I just wasted one week to create… will convert… or not…

How Would You Like To
AVOID Embarrassment & Beginner Mistakes &


I decided to find a solution to my incapacity to create high converting videos… so I hired the best copywriters out there… …I hired the best video editing team…

And asked them to create HIGH CONVERTING video ads for my TOP 20 niches…

I asked them to create the videos in a pretty general manner that you can use them to promote various products… The main purpose of these videos is not to present the actual product…

but to CAPTURE your viewer’s attention and make them VISIT your website!

So paying a bit over $2000 to my copywriter to write the videos scripts… and another $2000 to my video guy… to actually create the videos was well worth it to me!

And because I already paid the money… And these videos can be used in virtually any niche…

I decided to give you access to them as well… so you don’t have to waste DAYS creating videos… and GAMBLE your money…

I paid over $4000 for these videos… and they worth every penny…

Check out a few samples:

But don’t worry…. You won’t have to pay $4000

Not even $1000 …

You can get access to all my 20 videos that I use for 95% of my youtube ads campaigns…

Want ALL work done for you?

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YouTargetr DFY Video Pack



This tool Help visitors to keep watching your video while scrolling. Help visitors to keep watching your video while navigating with same time.

Flying Video is the ideal solution to keep watching video while scrolling and navigating with same time.

Add new powerful options to your website keep watching videos while scrolling or wile navigation, which can be moved around the page. That way, you can continue browsing – while watching clips or series. Flying Video works in many video sites including WordPress Video (hosted videos from Media Library), any video form other host end with video extensions like[‘mp4’,’m4v’,’mov’,’wmv’,’avi’,’mpg’,’ogv’,’3gp’,’3g2’], YouTube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo.

YouTube Vimeo Video Gallery Scheduling

YouTube Video Gallery Scheduling – All you need to play YouTube videos and schedule them to go live at a later date on your website!

Do you want to play YouTube videos on your website? Do you want to organize them in a video gallery? Well, now you can very easily do it with YouTube Video Gallery Scheduling.

Have always dreamed a web tv on your website? Let’s go, simply choose the videos you want to play and create a schedule to show them on your website whenever you prefer.


Video 1 – Friday at 10.00 pm;
Video 2 – Friday at 11:00 pm;
Video 3 – Saturday at 12:00 pm
and so on.

Sticky Playing Video for WordPress

Sticky Playing Video is the ideal solution to sticky video while scrolling webpage.
Sticky Video WordPress plugin that allows you to continue watching video while scrolling webpage, which can be moved around the page. That way. Sticky Video works in many video sites including WordPress Video (hosted videos from Media Library), any video form other host end with video extensions like(mp4, mpg, flv, etc…), YouTube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo, Sticky video will detect automatically when video playing and start scrolling, smoothly video will start sticky on any position you want, for other types of videos not listed support automatically detect playing you can easy found icon to pop up video.


This is a Powerful Tool to Surprise Your End-Users with Video, then Convert that Attention into Sales & Subscribers

VeedSurprise lets you quickly and easily insert highly-impactful video into your posts and pages, then capitalise on grabbing their attention!

This easy-to-use plugin makes it easy to get more attention from your visitors, and to give them what they want. Whether you want to drive engagement and keep people on pages (boosts your Google Rankings), or to get people subscribed, or buying, Veedsurprise has some seriously useful functionality that will enhance your website.

Veedsprise Drives Engagement:
Show video where visitors will see it
Mixed-media is proven to engage with visitors
Auto-play (or don?t) to drive views
Convert the viewers once engaged with on-video CTA?s!

As well as exploding video in your content, Veedsurprise will also:
Convert viewers into subscribers
Convert viewers into buyers
Help viewers share or follow with 10x powerful built-in CTA pop-overs!

Which convert your, (engaged), visitors by:
Show custom subscribe forms after play
Show custom button or image after play
Integrated with MailChimp, Aweber, GetResponse & Campaign Monitor
Also works with your custom html forms

SmartScriber – Video Scribing Banner Ads

SmartScriber is a unique plugin to create engaging whiteboard animated video messages quickly and easily without technical or design skills. It’s simple, handy and you can use it to grab your visitors attention. Best of all, we make this video scribing plugin available for you free.

You can use it to:
– Show visitors your most important message.
– Promote product offers or discount coupons.
– Ask visitor to contact you or to check out your Facebook Page.
– Gain credibility in the form of live drawings by an artist.

Just think about it…

How much time are you investing to create a video…

Wouldn’t all that time be worth… 2$… and you would get a PROVEN TO CONVERT video…

A video scripted by a professional COPYWRITER and created by a professional video team…

A video worth… literally 100 times that price…

Because that’s what I paid for a single video to be created… 200 dollars!

2$/video… this is a NO BRAINER DECISION!

But I just want to let you know that this is a limited time offer… I’m using these exact same videos for my own campaigns … and I don’t want them to be oversaturated…

so I reserve the right to close this offer and delete this page any time that I want..

So If you will ever try to find this page in the future… there is a pretty big chance you won’t be able to find it… EVER AGAIN.

So please make up your mind …right here … right now…

Do you want to get access to my PROVEN TO CONVERT 20 video ads that can be used in literary any niche to drive highly targeted traffic and lower your cost per click…

Want ALL work done for you?

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You are paying less than $2 per video!

YouTargetr DFY Video Pack

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